Major Announcement: 
ILACP partnership for eTraining begins this week with Executive Institute

December 14, 2020

Most of you are familiar with ILETSB’s Executive Institute, which is based at Western Illinois University in Macomb. 

Today, the Illinois Chiefs and Executive Institute jointly announce a partnership to provide eTraining exclusively for ILACP members, through the EI’s Online Learning Network (OLN). 

“That is why you have received or will receive a message from OLN about how to sign into your account,” said Ed Wojcicki, ILACP Executive Director. “We encourage you to do so. We will be using OLN for most of our virtual training. That is also why we have been asking you to add your PTB ID number to your profile on the ILACP membership website.” 

This training is free (for now) and available to all ILACP members and a benefit of membership. 

To expedite this process, the Executive Institute has begun creating accounts with the email you provided to the ILACP when signing up with the association. Check your email (including the junk mail folder) for an automatically generated email from the Online Learning Network to retrieve your username and temporary password.  

If you have previously registered with the Executive Institute for any online classes, all ILACP exclusive offerings will be found in your existing account. 

Log into your account at  If you forgot your password, simply press the "Forgot Password" button. 

The first course 

Once you log into the account on or after December 15, you will see the first class, presented by Chief Kristen Ziman: “Responding to a Mass Shooting with Five Officers Down,” under your registered classes. 

A little about the first ILACP exclusive course offering: 

In this one hour, fifty-minute video presentation, Chief Ziman describes how a disgruntled worker began killing people, including an intern on his first day on the job, after he was fired. She describes the police response, the heroism of her officers who were shot, and how their training kicked in in pursuit of the killer. She then describes the aftermath of dealing with her officers and their families as well as the families of the deceased workers in the plant. She also brought in an external group to evaluate their response, and there are many lessons learned. This course is a video presentation that was recorded in Urbana, Illinois. 

If you are an active law enforcement member with a current PTBID number, this first offering counts toward Lead Homicide Continuing Education with the ILETSB (if applicable).   

Technical support 

As part of this partnership with the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, the ILETSB Executive Institute will be facilitating exclusive ILACP trainings via the Online Learning Network (OLN) platform. Starting December 15, log into your OLN account to find the first course under the “Classes” header.  

Technical support for the ILACP online training on the Online Learning Network will be provided by personnel at the Online Learning Nework. 


The Illinois Chiefs are very grateful to: 

  • ILETSB Executive Director Brent Fischer, for first recommending a partnership of this kind.
  • Susie Nichols, the long Executive Institute executive director, who got the ball rolling before retiring this summer.
  • Heather Hotz, the Executive Institute interim executive director, who is enthusiastic about this partnership and is the liaison between the Illinois Chiefs and her team
  • Chief Ray Cordell, chair of the ILACP Education and Programs Committee, who devoted many hours to creating the partnership. (Last week, Cordell was named chief of police in Oakwood Hills.

  • A special thank-you to the Executive Institute Team for:
  • Making this and future classes, as much as possible, qualify for one or more state mandates
  • Automatically recording ILACP members’ participation in these courses as satisfying part of your 20-hour annual training requirement 

Getting started 

  1. Log into your OLN account at the Executive Institute at
  2. Contact Technical Support if you have issues either logging in or finding the first class offered in this partnership:
    1-866-250-5494 or [email protected]
  3. Take the first online course, presented by Chief Kristen Ziman
  4.  Watch for additional courses to be added, most likely on a monthly basis at a minimum
  5. Be patient with all of us at the Illinois Chiefs and the Executive Institute as we work out any bugs in this process
  6. If you have any topical suggestions to improve this partnership or the ILACP eTraining program, send them to [email protected]


Ed Wojcicki, Executive Director [email protected] 
Sherrie Phipps, Communications and Member Relations, [email protected]
Carmen Elliott, Business Manager [email protected]
Krista Kolis, Projects Director   –   Karen Fagg, Assistant to Executive Director
Phone 217-523-3765; Fax 217-523-8352