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August 3, 2020

ILACP is launching an online training program to help members achieve their required 20 hours of training every year.

Our first step is to build a pool of courses of interest to our members.

We invite anyone to submit a proposal for consideration by the Education and Programs Committee and the ILACP Executive Director. The goal is to have each presentation focus on some aspect of great interest to our members, which consists primarily of police chiefs and command staff. Among topics of concern, according to recent surveys and discussions:

  • Staffing issues (e.g., morale, recruitment, diversity)
  • Leadership (from many angles)
  • Legislative issues
  • Specific technologies
  • Officer health and wellness
  • Use of force
  • Dealing with the media
  • Social media
  • Community policing
  • A topic that you know is great but is not listed here!

General expectations of eTraining presenters:

  1. You will complete the electronic form RFP for eTraining Presenters on this page.  Someone will respond to you in a reasonable amount of time, letting you know whether your idea is (a) accepted, (b) accepted pending some revisions, or (c) not accepted.
  2. You can expect some friendly communication back and forth with the ILACP to make sure there is clear understanding in advance about what your program will be.
  3. You can expect that ILACP in most cases will ask the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board to approve your program as eligible to meet a chief’s annual 20-hour requirement. Whenever possible, your presentation will be matched with one of the state-mandated topics for training.
  4. Before you submit a presentation, you will receive Presentation Guidelines to make it as clear as possible what ILACP is expecting, what format we are looking for, etc. We have partnered with the ILETSB Executive Institute at Western Illinois University for our eTraining, and so the Presentation Guidelines will be on ILETSB EI letterhead. Consider these guidelines as ILACP guidelines as well.
  5. You most likely will provide a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover or video or PowerPoint-video combination. For quality assurance, in most cases your presentation will be pre-recorded and submitted and ready to go.
  6. For most courses in the ILACP eTraining program, your presentation should be 30 to 45 minutes, so that a session lasts for one hour when Q&A is added. If your presentation requires a longer period of time, it will be broken into segments that will run 30 minutes at a time or a little longer.
  7. You will receive some guidance and assistance from the ILACP staff to get it ready, but you will be largely responsible to complete the presentation in advance.
  8. You will be asked in most cases to make yourself available on at least one scheduled time for live Q&A with people who are taking your course.
  9. You can expect to receive greater consideration for acceptance if you are an ILACP member or supporter.
  10. You will provide this training for ILACP members as a service to the profession; presenters are not paid.

Please click here to complete the electronic RFP for ILACP eTraining Presenters

Proposals are accepted any time; there is no specific deadline. 

To prepare for completing the RFP:
When you complete the form your RFP will ask for:

  • Your name, title, cell phone number and email
  • Title of presentation
    Short and catchy is best and it should give the audience a sense of the topic.
  • Course Goals (usually one paragraph)
  • Course Description
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Topic Outline
  • Speaker(s) and Bio(s) – You may give a presentation by yourself or with others. Preference is given to speakers within law enforcement in Illinois (active or retired) and to ILACP members. The ILACP audience wants to learn from its peers. If a topic is about a specific event, the attendees want first-hand knowledge of the event from someone on the front lines.

    Required: Names, titles, bios, and photos of speakers. Bios should be no longer than one page. The bio should include some explanation of the expertise of the speaker on this topic. Include links (complete URLs) to any pertinent websites or publications.
  • Handouts
    Indicate whether you expect to have handouts, and if so, the topic of these handouts. These can be made available to participants.
  • Photo (head shot)
    Please submit a head shot of yourself or be prepared to provide one upon request.

For more information or general questions, contact: