ILACP Quick Positions on Current Bills- 2018
Latest bills/positions posted in this color


HB 1465 A1 - Neutral
Increases age for rifles to 21 from 18

HB 1467  A1 - Support
Bans bump stocks

HB 1468  A1 - Neutral
Waiting period of 72 hours to buy an assault weapon.

HB 1469 A1 - Neutral
Bans higher-capacity magazines

HB 2254 - Support
SURS Tier 2 age correction for college police to match those in other Tier 2 pension systems

HB 2367 - Oppose
Juvenile record sealing

HB 3142 - Oppose
College applications criminal history disclosure

HB 3185 - Support
Would allow lateral transfers of police officers in State University Civil Service System

HB3377, same as SB 2441 – Support
Child restraint - rear-facing seats for children up to 2 years old

HB 4029 - Support
Cell phone surcharge - law enforcement exemption

HB4113 – Neutral
In a divorce case, addresses principle that recognizes that the involvement of each parent for equal time is presumptively in the children's best interests

HB4191 –

Pets locked in cars, allows citizens to break windows to rescue pets

HB4208 – Neutral
Formerly opposed, but sponsor changed some language on this school funding resource bill and the new language satisfies us, even though we don't like all the language. Formerly threatened to eliminated funding for School Resource Officers.

HB4246 - Neutral
Bans the use of public funds to attend conventions. Exempts public safety.

HB 4247 - Neutral
Bans the use of public funds for sponsorships or booth exhibits and conventions. Exempts public safety.

HB 4248 - Neutral
Combines the two bills above - HB4246 and HB4247. Exempts public safety.

HB4286 – Oppose
Prevents purchase of certain government surplus equipment

HB4296 – Neutral
Lowers neglect age from 14 to 12

HB 4340 – Neutral
Adds reporting establishments to human trafficking

HB 4348 - Support
National database on identifying human remains

HB 4405 - Support
Exemption on drone use for law enforcement at large-scale events

HB 4476 - Neutral
Violators of petty offenses not required to sign citations

HB 4499 - Support
Creates the Public Duty Rule

HB 4554 - Support
Makes "wrong-way" driving on interstates an aggravating factor in DUI

HB 4570 - Oppose
Deals with releasing impounded vehicles

HB 4778 - Oppose
Allows first-time juvenile car-jackers alternatives to incarceration

HB 4880 - Support
Bans bump stocks

HB 4581 - Oppose
Raises juvenile age to 21

HB 4586 - Support
Aggravated battery for harming a Dept on Aging Adult Protective Services employee

HB 4594 - Oppose
Court fee reform bill - strongly opposed by ILETSB

HB 4607 - Opposed
Holds grandparents not liable when transporting a child to another state for certain reasons

HB 4608 - Opposed
Class 4 felony for child sex offender to operate a taxi or limo

HB 4828 - Opposed
Possible reduction of penalty for person serving sentence for ordinance violation

HB 4834 - Support
College and university police license plates

Fees, fines, assessments. The ILETSB amendment that we supported(SA2) did not pass. If that had passed, we would have supported.

HB 5077 - Neutral
Paperwork regarding minor committed to Dept of Juvenile Justice

HB 5084 - Neutral
Juvenile detention screening

HB 5129 - Support
Increases sentence for person bringing contraband into penal institution by employee using a drone

HB 5203 - Opposed
Adds requirements for training for responding to sexual assault victims under the age of 13

HB 5267 - Support
Requires law enforcement agencies to submit a police report in response to a request from the AG's Crime Victims Compensation Bureau for the sole purpose of verifying the requirements necessary for a victim to qualify for compensation

HB 5442 - Support
Involves reporting of controlled substances, FOIA exemption for drug task forces, and drug-induced homicide definition

HB 5541 - Neutral
Repeals the Family Assistance Law for Children with Mental Disabilities article of the Developmental Disability and Mental Disability Services Act.

HB 5490 - Oppose (but discussions ongoing)
Amends downstate police article of pension code

HB 5493 - Support
Fixes some issues in the bail law passed last year

HB 5597 - Support
Defines custodial misconduct by law enforcement

HB 5781 - Opposed
Requires PD to hire social worker


SB 32 - Under review. Working with sponsor. (see SB 34)
U visas, requires certification by local law enforcement

SB 35 - Neutral
Update to Trust Act; ILACP not happy with all the language, but staying neutral

SB 35 - Neutral
Immigration Safe Zones Act. New language removes language about law enforcement; that allowed us to move to neutral.

SB 880 - Support
License plate reader bill that we supported last year

SB 1291 - Under Review
Would create Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act.

SB 1451 - 
Small cell towers

SB 2226 - Support
Shields physicians and assistants from liability for prescribing epi-pens to ISP and local governments

SB2271 – Neutral
Allows prosecution of a sexual offense to begin within one year after the victim discovers the offense

SB2275 – Oppose
Calls for statewide advisory referendum supporting legalization of marijuana in November 2018

SB2278 – Support
Allows definition of “high-risk missing person” to include veterans in certain cases

SB 2298 - Opposed (but under review)
Industrial Hemp Act

SB2317 - Support
Bans sale or use of bump-fire stocks

SB2334 - Neutral

Metal detectors at University of Illinois hospitals

SB 2337 – Support
Requires Lottery scratch-off game to benefit police memorials

SB 2369 - Oppose
Would eliminate sunset on data collection

SB 2435 - Under Review. Same as SB 1291
Would create Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act

SB2441, same as HB4377 – Support

Child restraint for children under the age of 2

SB 2514 – Support
Tightens up smoking restrictions

SB 2560 - Neutral (formerly opposed)
Would require publishers to remove some criminal record information

SB 2562 - Support
Drone use at large events

SB 2642 - Support
Retired officer Tan Card Exemption

SB 2647 - Position under review (formerly support)
Allows use of a manual traffic law enforcement system

SB 2789 - Support
Technical clarification in juvenile expungement law

SB 2891 - Support
An ISP bill. Extends time limit for prosecuting fraud

SB2918 -- Opposed

Limit overweight permit fees that could go to local government, revokes home rule authority

SB2925Neutral (formerly opposed )
Training for SROs. ILACP has negotiated a reasonable training standard.

SB 2918 - Opposed
Limits fees assessed by local governments on trucks

SB3023 -- Support
Substance abuse deflection programs 

SB 3098 - Opposed
Removes local ability to permit regarding weights of vehicles; moves it to IDOT

SB3197 - Support
Homestead exemption for police and fire with disability 

SB3332 – Neutral
Increases the age for tobacco purchase from 18 to 21

SB3105 -- Opposed
Requires officer to accompany DCFS investigator upon request

SB3415 -- Opposed
Would extend data collection for traffic stops beyond July 1, 2019

SB 3509 -- Support
Removes exclusion for Chicago from quota law

SB3547 - Support
Consolidates federal military employment rights and Illinois laws related to active duty military and Guard employment rights. A bill of AG Lisa Madigan.


HR751 – Support
Declares domestic violence a public health priority for the State of Illinois

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