New membership type options and respective annual dues amount are based upon department size and member type.

When filling out the form, please make to type in a non-work-related email address for the "Alternate Email" section. We highly encourage all active members to put this in just in case you should ever switch departments or retire, we don't want you to miss out on important information!

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Rates for 2024 listed below:

Active Member - 1st member of agency                          

Small - 0 to 10 full-time sworn, or *       $130
Medium - 11 to 99 full-time sworn   $265
Large - 100 or more full-time sworn        $395

*or an agency comprised only of and entirely with part-time sworn officers

Active Other - 2nd and additional members of agency

Small - 0 to 10 full-time sworn, or*       $95
Medium - 11 to 99 full-time sworn    $115
Large - 100 or full-time sworn $125
*or an agency comprised only of and entirely with part-time sworn officers

The association acknowledges that some agencies have only part-time sworn officers -- no one is full time -- and we want leaders of these agencies, even if they themselves are part time, are most welcome to be members of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.

Associate or Associate Other Member 

1st member of agency/company (Associate) $195
2nd/additional members of any agency/company (Associate Other) $135


Sustaining or Business/Corporation Member                 

These are persons and businesses known to be consistent advocates of law enforcement who may desire to lend their aid to the forces engaged in that pursuit. They may apply for sustaining membership. 



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