Reasons to Join

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS offered by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

The ILACP would like to take this special opportunity to invite you to become a member of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. We believe it is through the sharing of information and the building of partnerships that we increase our professionalism and ability to serve. The ILACP is dedicated to advancing the profession of law enforcement within the State of Illinois.

Obtain a membership application or apply online from our website. (Any new member enrollment with dues payment received after October 1st will apply through the following calendar year.) If you have any questions, feel free to contact the ILACP staff at 217-523-3765 or toll free at 877-244-3345, or via email at [email protected][Printable List Link Here]

Reasons to Join the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police:

  • Professional Voice for Legislative Issues
  • Training Conferences
  • Public and Private Security Seminars
  • Police Chief Orientation Course
  • COMMAND Magazine
  • “Linebacker” Interim Chief Program
  • Assessment Centers
  • Legislative Updates
  • International Police Chiefs Conference Block Housing
  • Positions Available Posted Online
  • Members’ Restricted Area of Website
  • Voluntary Police Chief Certification Program
  • Police Memorial Supporters
  • Police Officer Selection Tests Discount
  • Email Alerts and Broadcast Bulletins
  • Midwest Security & Police Conference/Expo
  • Police and Citizen Awards Program
  • Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge Program
  • Membership Directory Online
  • Command Training Scholarships
  • Life Memberships
  • Networking