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ILACP Leadership Library from Command magazine.
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Megan Stolz, IACP Law Enforcement Policy Center (February 2024)

Patrick Solar, Ph.D - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at University of Wisconsin-Platteville (November 2023)

Retired Chief Thomas Weitzel (November 2023)

Officer Scott Williams, Chatham Police Department (July 2023)

Chris Mannino (March 2023)

Bob Whitt (March 2023)

homas J. Lemmer, F
ounder of Secure 1776 – Public Safety Professional Resource, LLC (Summer 2022)

Chief James R. Kruger, Jr. Outstanding Chief of the Year (Summer 2022)

Joseph Fitzgerald, Ph.D. (May 2021)

Roy and Judith Bethge (June 2020)

Dean Stiegemeier - March 2020

Rob Schmidtke (December 2019)

Mark Field (June 2019)

Chief Steven J. Vaccaro (March 2019)

Thomas L. Trice, Jr. with Naomi-Denise Oudshoorn, Peyton Rose, and Courtney Smith

Sherrie Phipps (September 2018)

Chief of the Year Eric Guenther (June 2018)

Book review by Mark W. Field (February 2018) 

Interview with Past President Gary Schira (Ret.) by Marla Friedman (February 2018)

Mark Field (December 2017)

Book review by Mark Field (September 2017)

Ed Wojcicki (February 2017)