Interim Chief Linebackers

If you are a retired chief or former chief and interested in becoming a Linebacker, please send a simple email expressing your interest to Executive Director Kenny Winslow at [email protected], and he will follow up with you.


Chiefs of Police serve at the discretion of elected officials, village managers and city administrators. Occasionally, a Chief of Police faces an unscheduled termination of employment and the resultant vacancy creates uncertainty within the department and with city officials and local residents. Most often, a temporary appointment is made from within the ranks because other professional resources are either unknown or unidentified. Frequently, this temporary in-house appointee is without management training and experience. Conversely, a community may have more than one qualified replacement, but does not want to give preferential recognition prior to the formal selection process.

To maintain continual professional law enforcement leadership in a community during the often lengthy search process, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police has developed an Interim Chief of Police service -- the Linebacker Program. A Linebacker is an interim or substitute Chief of Police who fills, on a short-term basis, the vacancy created by the unscheduled departure of a department's Chief Executive Officer. The objective of the program is to provide short-term counsel, experience and support to manage a municipal police department until a permanent replacement can be found. The Linebacker would maintain policy established by elected officials, promote the goals of the department, and respond to community service needs.

A Linebacker typically serves from two to six months, depending on a community's needs. 

To become an Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Linebacker, one must have served as a Chief of Police, Public Safety Director in the State of Illinois, or at a senior command staff level. The Association has a pool of highly qualified and professionally trained law enforcement managers who are retired or are between employment positions and are fully capable of providing high-quality leadership at a local police department.

To mayors and managers: interested in a Linebacker (interim chief)?

The Linebacker Program is offered to city managers, mayors, and administrators throughout the State of Illinois. A city manager in need of an interim chief of police should contact the ILACP Executive Director for names of Linebacker candidates. After having been provided with a portfolio of candidates from a selected geographic location, the city manager would have the responsibility of interviewing, selecting, and negotiating a short-term labor agreement with the candidate. 

The city or village pays a small fee to the Association for this service.

* * * * * * * *

City Managers, Mayors, and Administrators interested in this  program are asked to contact:

Kenny Winslow, Executive Director
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
426 S. Fifth Street
Springfield, IL 62701-1824
(217) 523-3765
[email protected]