ILACP Quick Positions on Current Bills
Latest bills/positions posted in this color


HB 14 Neutral sexual assault evidence kit

HB 15 Oppose offense of violation of civil rights

HB 21 Oppose Complaint against a State Police Officer

HB 25 Oppose Racial Profiling

HB 36 Oppose student exempt from prosecution for mob action

HB 38 Support Aggravated Assault Sentencing

HB 44 Oppose Booking Photographs

HB 48 Oppose Peace Officer Question without Arrest

HB 49 Oppose Immediate Expungement

HB 51 Oppose Default Payment Notice

HB 54 Neutral Default Payment Notice

HB 55 Oppose Sentencing Hearing if defendant has been found guilty

HB 56 Oppose Peace Officer Accountability

HB 152 Oppose Police Disciplinary Complaint

HB 160 Oppose Cannabis penalties for students

HB 161 Oppose Patient Care Areas

HB 162 Support Controlled Sub-fentanyl analog

HB 163 Neutral Prescription Monitoring Report

HB 172 Oppose Grand Jury Proceedings Open to the Public

HB 174 Neutral Lost and Stolen Firearms penalty

HB 177 Oppose Coerced Confessions

HB 179 Oppose Petition for Innocence  

HB 180 Oppose Wrongful Prosecution Commission Act

HB 181 Neutral Parental Bullying

HB 182 Neutral Confinement Restriction Act

HB 186 Oppose Question without Arrest

HB 187 Oppose Immediate Expungement

HB 193 Neutral Parental Cyber-Bullying

HB 198 Oppose Traffic ticket fine waiver Program

HB 200 Oppose Special registration plates

HB 206 Neutral Tenant Criminal History

HB 208 Neutral Cannabis Study Course in classrooms

HB 221 Neutral Bail reform opt out

HB 222 Support Sexual Abuse Reporting

HB 223 Neutral Child Sexual Assault Hotline

HB 239 Support Immunity Drug Overdose

HB 240 Support Hunting Carrying Handguns for off-duty officers

HB 245 Support Mobile Carrying Device on sidewalk

HB 248 Support Judicial Officers Firearm Permits

HB 274 Neutral Conceal Carry Business License

HB 277 Neutral Failure to Report Sexual Abuse

HB 283 Neutral Report Clear and Present Danger

HB 284 Support Increase penalties for Sexual Assault

HB 285 Support Increase minimum penalties for heroin distribution

HB 286 Support murder sentencing for first degree

HB 287 Support Internet Condition of Parole release

HB 288 Support child abduction Law

HB 289 Support Record Sealing for Victims of Child Abduction

HB 291 Support Improper Disclosure of Information

HB 296 Neutral Red Light Camera Study

HB 311 Neutral with additions

HB 322 Oppose Repeal Red Light Cameras

HB 323 Oppose Repeal Red Light Cameras

HB 326 Neutral Red Light Camera Study

HB 327 Neutral Chicago Violence Prevention

HB 331 Neutral Creates the Expressway Safety Act

HB 333 Support Subsequent Firearm Offense

HB 338 Support Trust Act-Construction

HB 339 Support Sex offender video recording

HB 347 Support Prohibit property to anyone convicted of assaulting of elderly

HB 353 Neutral Prisoner Review Bd

HB 358 Neutral Creates the Worker Protection Unit

HB 361 Neutral Fines for legislators who engage in specified restricted activities

HB 364 Support Concealed Carry-Expiration

HB 367 Neutral Firearm Dealers Certification

HB 839 Support Use of scanning device to defraud

HB 841 Support Creates the offense of first responder endangerment

HB 870 Support Child Sex offender cannot possess photos of children

HB 877 Support Aggravated assault against a minor

HB 885 Support Firearms-Nonresident Military

HB 886 Neutral Sexually motivated battery can get offender on sex offender registry

HB 888 Oppose FOID-Social Media Accounts

HB 892 Oppose Firearm Detection

HB 898 Neutral Correctional Officers-Firearms

HB 899 Neutral Firearm Owners Id-Revoke

HB 902 Oppose Cannabis Legalization

HB 909 Support Children’s Advocacy No consent for forensic interview

HB 911 Support/Neutral Concealed Carry-Officials

HB 912 Support Bail Credit

HB 913 Oppose Firearm Owners Id Act-Repeal

HB 927 Oppose Automatic Expungement

HB 930 Oppose Evidentiary Sample

HB 932 Neutral Probation-Non-Violent

HB 1438 Neutral Pawn Broker Stolen Property to be returned

HB 1447 Oppose Evidentiary Samples

HB 1458 Neutral Evidence-Restorative Justice

HB 1465 Oppose Delinquent Minor

HB 1467 Support FOID-Records-Ammunition Sales

HB 1468 Neutral/Oppose Age of Detention

HB 1482 Support Aggravated Battery-Employees

HB 1483 Support Sex Offender-No State Fair

HB 1484 Support Parole Host Violation

HB 1486 Support Animals-Police and Service

HB 1488 Neutral Firearms-Electronic Licenses

HB 1489 Neutral Firearm Registry Prohibition

HB 1490 Support Firearm Disposition Records

HB 1492 Oppose Concealed Carry Renewal

HB 1567 Oppose Downstate Pol-Fire-IMRF Merge

HB 1568 Oppose Police/Fire Investment

HB 1569 Oppose Consolidate Downstate Police

HB 1570 Oppose Consolidate Downstate Fire

HB 1571 Oppose Police/Fire Investment

HB 1572 Oppose Downstate Police & Fire-Financing

HB 1574 Support Concealed Carry-Expiration

HB 1576 Oppose Police/Fire Investment

HB 1579 Support Disorderly Conduct-School-Minor

HB 1583 Support Judge to grant arrest warrants

HB 1584 Support Controlled Substances-Fentanyl

HB 1586 Oppose Until Negotiation Handgun Ammo-Serialize

HB 1587 Oppose Sentencing-Reduce

HB 1590 Neutral Electric Scooters

HB 1593 Support Fentanyl Exposure

HB 1599 Oppose Concealed Carry License Fees

HB 1600 Oppose Concealed Carry Provisions for Non-Residents

HB 1601 Support Intimidation-Elderly

HB 1602 Support Increased Sentencing for Fentanyl

HB 1613 Oppose Shell Bill

HB 1614 Oppose Theft & Retail Theft

HB 1615 Oppose Felony Murder

HB 1616 Oppose Requires Three Phone Calls in First Hour After Detention in Police Station

HB 1623 Oppose One License Plate

HB 1626 Oppose Use of Silencers

HB 1632 Oppose Stun Gun &Taser-No FOID

HB 1633 Support Creates the Offense of Criminal Damage to A Critical Infrastructure Facility

HB 1634 Neutral Dui-Sealing & Expungement

HB 1637 Oppose Immigration Status-Access

HB 1643 Oppose Safe Zone Act

HB 1645 Support Misrepresent-Service Animal

HB 2027 Oppose Habitual Criminal-Repeal

HB 2030 Support Rico Offense for Dog Fighting

HB 2031 Oppose Peace Officer Motor-Pursuit

HB 2035 Support Reinstates Death Sentence

HB 2039 Neutral Penalty Reduction

HB 2040 Neutral Profit Correctional

HB 2066 Support Eavesdropping Exemption

HB 2067 Oppose Not-For-Profit Emergency

HB 2070 Neutral Chicago Violence Prevention

HB 2105 Neutral Mass Incident Guide

HB 2110 Oppose Peace Officer-Force

HB 2111 Oppose Official Misconduct

HB 2112 Oppose Official Misconduct

HB 2114 Oppose Peace Officer Immigration Search

HB 2133 Support Cloud Computing

HB 2134 Oppose Location Surveillance

HB 2135 Support/Neutral Prosecutions-Sex Offenses

HB 2141 Oppose Fire Chief Qualifications

HB 2151 Support Creates The Offense Of Operation Of An Uninsured Motor Vehicle Causing Death

HB 2152 Neutral Mental Health Action On Campus

HB 2158 Neutral Fire Department Logos on Vehicles

HB 2161 Support Increases the Penalties for Trafficking in Persons

HB 2167 Oppose Human Rights-Prior Conviction

HB 2178 Neutral Increases the Minimum Mandatory Coverage Amounts for Liability Insurance Policies

HB 2183 Support Order of Protection-Issuance

HB 2190 Oppose License-Suspension

HB 2200 Support Court Order Rescission

HB 2203 Neutral Juror Age Exemption

HB 2204 Neutral Proof of Insurance

HB 2206 Oppose Local Residential Inspections

HB 2222 Support Ems Overdose Reporting

HB 2224 Oppose Firearm Certify-Application

HB 2235 Oppose as Written School Resource Officers

HB 2244 Oppose as Written Conditions of Parole

HB 2249 Neutral Releasee-Reentry Info

HB 2253 Support Untraceable Firearms

HB 2254 Oppose Safe Gun Storage

HB 2276 Support Smoking; Present Minor

HB 2277 Support Sentencing for Abuse to Police Service Animals

HB 2282 Neutral Concealed Carry

HB 2284 Support 1st Degree Murder

HB 2287 Support Furtherance of Crime of Personal Actions

HB 2295 Neutral IDOT Drones Rule-Making

HB 2303 Support Illegal Prescriber License Use

HB 2305 Neutral Commitment Age-Murder

HB 2306 Oppose Detention/Shelter Hearing

HB 2307 Support Eavesdropping Sunset

HB 2308 Support No Contact-Victim

HB 2309 Support Protective Orders-Suppress

HB 2313 Neutral Il Violence Reduction Act

HB 2315 Neutral Secretary of State Administration

HB 2317 Neutral/Oppose Incarceration Credit

HB 2319 Neutral/Oppose Crim Pro-Bail Deduction

HB 2329 Neutral Forensic Evidence

HB 2333 Neutral Misdemeanant Program

HB 2334 Oppose Neglected Minor

HB 2336 Oppose Digital License Plate Program

HB 2374 Neutral Disability Sticker

HB 2378 Neutral Bail Security

HB 2382 Support Irrevocable Funding to State Police Forensic Services

HB 2383 Neutral Right of Way-Harm/Death

HB 2385 Neutral Police Dog Training Standards

HB 2386 Support Texting Bodily Harm

HB 2400 Oppose Pathway to Community

HB 2402 Neutral Emergency Consolidation Exempt

HB 2403 Neutral 3 Brake Lights

HB 2406 Support Aggravation-Weapons

HB 2408 Neutral Removal of Compromising Images

HB 2409 Neutral Hospitals

HB 2411 Neutral Corrected Title Mileage

HB 2412 Support Sexual Assault by Deception

HB 2414 Support Closed Road Sign Violation

HB 2415 Neutral/Support Opioid Overdose-Facility

HB 2416 Support Human trafficking prevention

HB 2417 Oppose EMERGENCY vehicle PENALTY



HB 2437 Support Domestic Violence and Economic Abuse to Protective Orders

HB 2439 Oppose in part

HB 2444 Oppose Parental Detention

HB 2456 Support New Resident’s Income Tax Credit          

HB 2466 Support Eavesdropping Exempt with Consent 

HB 2481 Neutral Pyrotechnic Use Act

HB 2493 Neutral/Oppose -Auto Expunge-Cannabis

HB 2497 Neutral Criminal & Traffic Assess Act-Funds

HB 2500 Oppose Seal or Expunge-Objections

HB 2503 Oppose Reporting Police Discipline

HB 2507 Oppose Concealed Carry License Fee

HB 2517 Oppose Body Cameras-Law Enforcement

HB 2518 Oppose Theft-Minors

HB 2519 Oppose Statewide Gang Database-Repeal

HB 2521 Neutral Towing Licensure Commission

HB 2523 Oppose Violation Compliance

HB 2541 Neutral Re-Entering Citizens Civic Ed

HB 2557 Neutral Video Interview Act

HB 2569 Oppose Polygraph Exams

HB 2570 Neutral Human Remain Identification

HB 2775 No Position/Negotiate Prop Tx-Sr Freeze-Disability

HB 2591 Oppose as Written Police Training-Certification                                 

HB 2593 Neutral Sheriff Deputy Appointment

HB 2594 Oppose St Police-Online Payments

HB 2595 Neutral Police Dog Training Standards

HB 2609 Neutral Create the Office of School Safety Within ISBE

HB 2612 Neutral Income Tax-Firearm Dealer

HB 2615 Neutral/Oppose Prevailing Party

HB 2620 Neutral Permits Offenders Subject to The Truth in Sentencing 

HB 2621 Oppose Expungement-Decriminalization

HB 2617 Oppose Pension Deductions

HB 2619 Oppose Independent Contractor Payment

HB 2653 Support Firearm Penalties

HB 2666 Neutral Expungement

HB 2681 Support Decals for Universal Special License Plates by The Peace Officers

HB 2686 Support Child Abuse-Reporting-Penalty

HB 2694 Neutral -Electronic Trak Device

HB 2696 Oppose Law Enforcement-AED In Vehicle

HB 2708 Support Missing Person DNA System

HB 2724 Neutral No Driving and Smoking with Minor Present

HB 2743 Oppose Alternate Fuels Act-Repeal

HB 2763 Support Lineup May Be Video Recorded If the Eyewitness Consents

HB 2769 Support Sexual Assault-Assessments

HB 2786 Support DCFS-Hotline-Bullying & Hazing

HB 2848 Oppose Remove Criminal History Inquiry on College Applications

HB 2874 Support Drone-Privacy

HB 2875 Support Sex Offense Assessment

HB 2878 Neutral Assault Weapons Ban

HB 2883 Neutral FOID-Firearm Purchase Database

HB 2921 Support Tower Practices

Hb 2922 Oppose Custodial Interrogation-Record

HB 2923 Oppose No Appointment unless proof of professional liability insurance coverage

HB 2925 Neutral Dept Ombudsman

HB 2938 Support Forensic toxicological laboratories to be established

HB 2953 Oppose Tow Truck Lights

HB 2955 Neutral Create the Trauma Response Fund

HB 2971 Neutral Creates the Smart Handgun Technology Ac

HB 2982 Neutral Substitute Teacher Crim background Check

HB 2987 Neutral Criminal Justice-Task Force

HB 2997 Support Grooming in Person

HB 3001 Oppose Arrest Record-Media Inspection

HB 3009 Oppose Firearm Seizure

HB 3022 Support Increase penalties for stalking for minors

HB 3023 Neutral Conceal Carry-Church-Prohibit

HB 3030 Support Downstate Police Article municipality fund

HB 3052 Oppose License to Work Act

HB 3064 Neutral Repeal Criminal Assessment Act

HB 3066 Support License Plates Non-Highway Vehicle

HB 3083 Neutral Community Employ Opportunities

HB 3090 Neutral Reporting Prisoner Deaths

HB 3104 Support Fingerprints for insurance renewal for firearms

HB 3111 Support Name Change-Convicted Persons

HB 3119 Oppose Investigations of Police

HB 3120 Oppose Employee Targeted Tax Credit

HB 3121 Oppose Bail RHTS-Civ Damages

HB 3122 Support Tower Practices

HB 3123 Neutral Counties Code-Court Fees
HB 3127 Neutral Video Gaming-Violation Notice

HB 3131 Oppose Annuitant Database

HB 3134 Oppose Government vehicle License plates sticker   

HB 3136 Oppose FOIA-Definitions LeadsInfo                                                                    

HB 3142 Oppose Confiscated Weapons

HB 3154 Oppose Do-Not-Hire List-Reevaluation

HB 3164 Support Death Penalty Murder

HB 3165 Oppose Firearm Owners Id-Records

HB 3166 Neutral Corrections Off-Carry Firearm

HB 3167 Oppose Firearm Owners Id Act-Repeal

HB 3169 Support Ban Bump-Fire Stock

HB 3170 Neutral Machine Gun-Penalties

HB 3171 Support Gang Recruitment

HB 3173 Neutral Firearm-Waiting Period

HB 3174 Neutral Conceal Carry-Public Transport

HB 3176 Oppose Firearms- Municipal Regulation

HB 3178 Neutral Tobacco-Under 21-License

HB 3181 Oppose Involuntary Dismissal

HB 3183 Neutral Gang Database Task Force

HB 3189 Support Devices-Rate of Fire

HB 3190 Support Creates the offense of criminal trespass to a critical infrastructure facility. 

HB 3191 Support Sexual Abuse Victims

HB 3196 Neutral Immigration Task Force

HB 3197 Support Gunrun & Firearm Traffic Assessment

HB 3199 Support Assessment-Drug Trafficking

HB 3212 Oppose IL First Step

HB 3214 Oppose Parole-Life Imprison

HB 3226 Support First Offender License

HB 3233 Support Large SOS information on driving on the road with large trucks

HB 3244 Support School Facility & Resource Tax

HB 3257 Support Forfeiture-School Officers

HB 3262 Oppose Public Safety Consent Decrees

HB 3269 Neutral Secretary of State Dealer Licensing

HB 3279 Support Property tax for surviving spouse of fallen first responders

HB 3304 Neutral School Investigative Interview

HB 3321 Oppose ART 3&4-Financing

HB 3334 Neutral Raffles/Poker Runs

HB 3347 Oppose Abolish Monetary Bail

HB 3366 Support Drones-Law Enforcement

HB 3370 Oppose Voice Print Database

HB 3392 Oppose Limited Access-Criminal Record

HB 3396 Neutral Stalking No Contact-Notice

HB 3402 Support Domestic Violence

HB 3403 Neutral Dui Ignition Interlock

HB 3410 Neutral Firearm-Waiting Period

HB 3414 Neutral Illinois Department of Public Health Prescript Drug Repository

HB 3417 Support Relay Box Possession

HB 3421 Oppose Condition Revocation

HB 3441 Support Parole Conditions

HB 3448 Oppose Firearm Owners Id-18 Years

HB 3449 Oppose Firearm Owners Id-Local Reg

HB 3450 Support Eluding Officer

HB 3452 Support Drone Interference

HB 3457 Support Concealed Carry-Officials

HB 3458 Oppose Concealed Carry-License Review Bd

HB 3459 Support Opioid Overdose Reporting

HB 3461 Neutral Firearm-Waiting Period

HB 3463 Support firearms for retired officers

HB 3464 Support Operating unmanned Aerial Vehicles

HB 3465 Oppose Firearm Transport

HB 3466 Oppose Motorcycle Profiling

HB 3480 Oppose Age of Detention

HB 3495 Neutral child care active shooter plan

HB 3500 Neutral health departments provide naloxone

HB 3510 Neutral surcharge on firearms and firearm component parts

HB 3513 Neutral Consensual Eavesdrop

HB 3518 Oppose Tier 1 Annual Increases

HB 3529 Neutral Large Capacity Ammo & Ammo Fd

HB 3544 Neutral Emotional Abuse Rehabilitation

HB 3553 Oppose Municipal & County-Regulate Firearm

HB 3556 Support Penalties for causing harm to first responder service dogs

HB 3559 Neutral Mandatory Dementia Training

HB 3562 Support Firearms-Opioid Dependency

HB 3580 Neutral Good Conduct

HB 3584 Support Victim Statements Discovery

HB 3609 Support Dui Evidence

HB 3611 Oppose Violation Compliance

HB 3616 Support ILETSB-Grant Program

HB 3621 Oppose Statute of Limitations-discovery

HB 3625 Neutral liquor control-peace officers

HB 3632 Neutral Domestic Emotional Abuse

HB 3634 Support Downstate Police-Investment

HB 3643 Neutral Threat Prevention

HB 3647 Support Pharmacy Drug Disposal Kiosk

HB 3649 Support Penalties for sex offender operating aerial vehicles

HB 3672 Neutral Transit-Orders of Protection

HB 3686 Oppose Posting Bail Abolish

HB 3687 Neutral Sex Offense-Notice to Schools

HB 3701 Neutral Juvenile Justice

HB 3704 Neutral DOC to provide post-release treatment programs for juveniles 

HB 3796 Oppose Counsel & Statements

HB 3810 Support Reckless Driving Death


SB7 Oppose Creates the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act

SB 38 Support Sexual Harassment No Contact Order Act

SB 58 Oppose Repeals the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act

SB 63 Oppose Justice for Juveniles Program

SB 65 Oppose Justice for Juveniles Program

SB 66 Oppose Creates the Law Enforcement Gang Database Information Act

SB 69 Support Record sealing for charges not initiated by arrest for financial exploitation of an elderly person

SB 84 Support Prioritized funding for 9-1-1 Fund in the absence of state budget

SB 86 Oppose Prohibits use of video device while operating a vehicle

SB 87 Support Prohibition of tinted light on the highway

SB 89 Support transferring firearms with safety devices

SB 99 Oppose Confiscation of Firearm after 48hr revocation notice

SB 102 Neutral Digital registration plate

SB 107 Oppose Sen. Morrison Prohibition of assault weapons

SB 120 Support Creates the Public Duty Rule Codification Act

SB 142 Support Freedom of Information Act 

SB 148 Support Gun Crime Charging and Sentencing Accountability and Transparency Act.

SB 157 Oppose Non-resident Firearm ownership

SB 199 Support Sentencing for Possession of Fentanyl

SB 200 Support No Record Sealing for arrests which result in an order of supervision or a conviction

SB 202 Oppose court shall declare minor a ward of the court

SB 219 Support conditional discharge shall not be imposed for a violation of child pornography

SB 224 Oppose mental health services following the person's release from conditional release

SB 239   Oppose Juvenile age to 21

SB 243   Support Creates the Automated License Plate Recognition System Data Act

SB 1106 Oppose Merges all Article 3 police officers' pension funds

SB 1107 Oppose Merges all Article 3 police officers' pension funds

SB 1108 Oppose Changes investment power for police agencies

SB 1109 Oppose Merges all Article 3 police pension funds

SB 1111 Oppose Transfer pension investment to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF)

SB 1112 Oppose consolidating all downstate police and downstate firefighter pension funds into a single pension fund

SB 1139 Support Eavesdropping Exemption

SB 1158 Oppose Repeals provision that committed persons responsible to reimburse the Department of Corrections

SB 1183 Support Grants scholarships to spouses (in addition to children) of police officers killed in the line of duty

SB 1200 Neutral IDOT traffic study on highway fatalities

SB 1216 Oppose Records exempt from disclosure

SB 1228 Neutral firearm in an Interstate highway rest area

SB 1230 Support Sentence credit for child sex offender

SB 1239 Support immediate investigation of person who abuses or neglects child

SB 1242 Neutral Prohibits carrying a firearm on or into any building, real property, or parking area of a polling place

SB 1249 Neutral Reporting Sexual assault by a student against another student to the State Board of Education

SB 1258 Support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems Act

SB 1280 Neutral community service for minor found guilty for vandalism

SB 1282 Neutral Prohibition of carrying a firearm on any bus, train, or form of transportation

SB 1284 Support Creates the offense of Caller ID spoofing

SB 1297 Neutral Study evaluating automated traffic law enforcement systems in this State

SB 1299 Neutral Intergovernmental Cooperation Act

SB 1302 Oppose detention screening instrument

SB 1329 Support Motor carrier of property insurance

SB 1334 Oppose Head lamps lighting

SB 1338 Support School bus stop signal

SB 1815 Neutral Firearms-license renewal

SB 1345 Neutral FOIA -booking photographs

SB 1354 Oppose Public employee disability

SB 1355 Support Bail Reform Opt Out

SB 1357 Neutral Shelter care hearing

SB 1359 Support Display of Imitation Firearms

SB 1361 Support Aggravated battery against DCFS employee

SB 1380 Support 2nd Degree murder charges for killing first responder

SB 1386 Neutral FOID-ammunition sales

SB 1414 Support Criminal & Traffic-Funds

SB 1415 Support Drug Induced Homicide

SB 1418 Support Children's Advocacy Interview

SB 1434 Support Creates the offense of voyeurism

SB 1444 Neutral Reinstates Death Sentence

SB 1445 Neutral Aggravated Vehicle Hijacking

SB 1450 Support Offenses for intimidating elderly

SB 1480 Support Line of duty burial benefit

SB 1486 Support Hate Crime Against EMT &Law Enforcement

SB 1487 Neutral Reinstates Death Sentence

SB 1488 Neutral Concealed Carry-Parks

SB 1489 Neutral Concealed Carry Rest Areas

SB 1496 Support Increases the penalty for violating highway construction or maintenance area or zone

SB 1497 Neutral Assault weapon ban

SB 1523 Oppose Driving Right Side

SB 1531 Oppose One License Plate

SB 1538 Oppose as written Discontinue Police Dept

SB 1572 Neutral Stray Dog Reporting

SB 1583 Neutral Probation Violation

SB 1588 Support Sexual Harassment No Contact

SB 1592 Oppose Traffic/Pedestrian Stop Study

SB 1599 Neutral Consumer Fraud-Criminal record

SB 1607 Neutral Probation-Pretrial Services

SB 1609 Neutral Incarceration Credit

SB 1610 Neutral Alien Advisement

SB 1615 Oppose Justice Reinvestment Fund

SB 1625 Neutral Criminal Provision concerning Evidence

SB 1627 Neutral Post-Partum

SB 1640 Oppose Expungement-Decriminalization

SB 1643 Support Penalties for child endangerment

SB 1666 Support Increased Sentencing-Fentanyl

SB1668 Neutral ART 3&4-Financing

SB 1670 Support Downstate Police Start Date

SB 1690 Support Bail-Category A Offense

SB 1691 Support Sentencing for vehicular hijacking violations for minors

SB 1693 Support Human Trafficking-Omnibus

SB 1699 Neutral Records-Social Networking

SB 1705 Shell Bill

SB 1709 Shell Bill

SB 1713 Neutral Firearm Restraining Orders

SB 1749 Support Sentencing for stalking a child

SB 1750 Support Aggravating Factors

SB 1786 Support License to Work Act

SB 1794 Support Child Abduction

SB 1796 Support Aggravated assault and battery to veterans and servicemembers

SB 1802 Support Firearm Offenses

SB 1816 Oppose Expungement-Cannabis

SB 1845 Neutral Custodial Detainees

SB 1868 Support Sentencing limitation for child sex abuse

SB 1878 Neutral Retail Theft Program

SB 1882 Support Evidence-Informant Privilege

SB 1890 Support Video-Sentencing

SB 1891 Support Evidentiary samples

SB 1894 Support Special Plates-Police/Firefighter

SB 1897 Oppose Creates the Law Enforcement Support Program Confidentiality Act

SB 1898 Support Employment FOID Possession

SB 1900 Support 7-day limit on opiate prescription to minor

SB 1910 Neutral ART 3&4-Financing

SB 1917 Support Raffles-Law Enforcement Agency

SB 1918 Neutral Police-Fund Consolidation

SB 1941 Support/Neutral Establishes Safe Schools Healthy Learning

SB 1944 Neutral Police Pension Fund

SB 1945 Neutral Police Pension Fund

SB 1957 Oppose Justice Reinvestment Fund

SB 1966 Oppose Public Defender Bail Program

SB 1968 Neutral Confinement-Class 3&4

SB 1971 Oppose Criminal Law-Penalties

SB 2054 Neutral Sentence Credit

SB 2079 Oppose Digital License Plate Program

SB 2081 Neutral Forensic Science

SB 2094 Oppose Safe Pharmaceutical Disposal

SB 2106 Neutral Community Mental Health Tax

SB 2109 Support Reinstates Death Sentence       

SB 2133 Support FOIA Private Info in sexual assault cases

SB 2135 Support FOIA-Arrest/Criminal Records

SB 2148 Support Correctional Officer Interns

Members: Send comments or questions to:

Chief Marc Maton, Chair, ILACP Legislative Committee, [email protected]

John Millner, ILACP Lobbyist, [email protected]

Ed Wojcicki, ILACP Executive Director, [email protected]