Regions for ILACP Vice Presidents at-Large



  1. Bylaws: “The Vice Presidents shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the President.  In absence of the President, the Vice Presidents in order of succession shall perform the duties of the President of the Association.” That’s all that’s there.
  2. Weekly phone calls – now on Wednesdays at 8 a.m., usually for 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. In-Person Executive Board meetings (three to four times a year)
  4. Attend Lobby Day (Feb-March each year)
  5. Attend the ILACP Annual Conference and Banquet; significant other expected to attend formal banquet if possible (April each year)
  6. Attend the Midwest Security and Police Conference/Expo (August each year)
  7. Attend the Annual Planning Meeting (October each year)
  8. Attend VIP reception (October-November each year)
  9. Attend Regional Chief Association Meetings and serve as a liaison for ILACP
  10. Actively assist the Board of Officers and Executive Director in building positive relationships with legislators
  11. Discuss and approve annual budget (at December meeting)
  12. Oversight of committees
  13. Ex officio member of the ILACP Foundation Board of Directors and attend foundation meetings
  14. Respond promptly to various inquiries and messages from the Executive Director and from one another
  15. Work with Legislative Committee to set legislative priorities and make final decision on positions on bills
  16. Travel to make public presentations to members and member departments when they achieve Chief Certification or ILEAP Accreditation
  17. Travel to make public presentations of Police and Citizen Awards in local communities
  18. Respond to media requests and speak on behalf of Illinois Chiefs when asked by the Executive Director
  19. Affirm Public Officials of the Year as recommended by the Legislative Committee
  20. Select Chief of the Year Award and Russ Laine Lifetime Achievement Award winners
  21. Assist Executive Director with training topics and locations
  22. Bring any issues of concern to the attention of one another and/or the Executive Director; “Good of the Order” on every weekly call
  23. Be active supporter and recruiter of the Association