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March 27, 2020

Axon willing to help LE: "Axon Citizen" can help with file sharing

Axon is providing global access to the full feature set of Axon Citizen, at no cost this year, to every agency that is not currently using the digital evidence platform.


Axon Citizen allows officers and dispatchers to send a link by email or text to anyone who has a digital file to share. This file is then immediately stored and ready for review and sharing on Axon Evidence (, with zero in-person interaction needed.

Any public safety or public health agency not already on our mobile platform who could benefit from using Axon Citizen for Officers and Axon Citizen for Communities during their response to the COVID-19 pandemic is eligible to receive free access to these tools. This includes law enforcement agencies, Fire/EMS, hospitals and other entities engaged in front-line efforts to reduce the spread of the virus. The offer is open both to Axon customers not already on the mobile platform and non-customers, and is available in any country where Axon currently does business.


For existing Axon customers with an Axon Evidence Basic or Pro license, you already have access to Axon Citizen for Officers. Setup instructions and video tutorials are available on our Citizen Resources page.

Agencies who have an Axon Evidence Lite license, or who are not current Axon customers, should complete the contact form on this page to sign up. From there, a member of the Axon team will be in touch to set up your access.