Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

is proud to offer

Police Chief Certification

GOAL:    The primary goal of the ILACP Voluntary Police Chief Certification (VPCC) Program is to contribute substantially to enhance police chief professionalism in the State of Illinois. This certification  and  re-certification  process  will  allow  for  continuous  professional  growth  and educational  development.  The  Program  is  open  to  chiefs,  deputy  chiefs,  commanders  and  all executive command staff personnel. If an individual is not a chief upon attaining Certification, the title  of  Certified  Eligible  is  awarded.  This  Program  offers  an  opportunity  for  candidates  to demonstrate a higher level of competence in their profession. 

ELIGIBILITY:   Requirements are categorized into three groupings.

  • Professional Experience
  • Education and Professional Development
  • Community and Professional Membership Activities 


Application Submission and Review Conviction History Check Certification Examination * Examination Scoring and Reporting Candidate Notification

Structured Interview

  • Leadership
  • Community & Public Relations
  • Management Concepts
  • Management – Training
  • Ethics
  • Communication

*Practice exams are regularly offered and can be taken even before filing an application

It is important to realize that the goal has remained the same since its inception: we are not testing police chiefs so that we can find employment for them, but rather to allow them to strive to learn more and be more professional at what they do. Any law enforcement executive desirous of attaining the Police Chief Certification should contact Carmen Elliott, the Business Manager at ILACP, for a confidential application and the guidelines of the process. Study guide may be requested later, after eligibility has been confirmed. 

TO APPLY:  Submit completed application along with payment to:
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
Attn: VPCC
426 South Fifth Street, Springfield, IL 62701-1824

CONTACT  DETAILS: Carmen Elliott - 217.523.3765 - [email protected]

The concept of  voluntary police chief  certification is certainly not a new one. Members of  the Illinois Association of   Chiefs of  Police (ILACP) discussed the concept and how it might look for 15 years. The idea of  voluntary police chief certification can certainly be a controversial  one  when you  consider  some  of   the  implications  of police chiefs having to meet minimum standards as well as the political climate which surrounds the appointment of  such an important department head for most cities. These and many more problems and concerns of  both police chiefs and city fathers caused this process of evolution to be a lengthy one.

In December of  1995, the ILACP Board of  Officers decided to embark upon a Voluntary Police Chiefs Certification project. In January of 1996, a committee was formed and the process of   determining the steps and requirements was begun. Goals were established and the committee then focused on determining the benefits to candidates and the profession; possible components of  a certification system; a process for certification; barriers to an effective certification program; and a tentative  time  schedule  for  completion.  A  1996  survey  of ILACP members indicated 88% agreed that a voluntary certification process was in fact a good idea. After 30 months of rigorous analysis and ILACP executive level and legal review, the ILACP Voluntary Police Chief Certification process was completed.