Voluntary Police Chief Certification Process and Policy Updates

Below are recommended procedure changes for the VPCC program, updated February 10, 2021 

1.   When ILACP receives an application, applicants will have nine (9) months to complete the process before they have to repay the $360 ($445 non-member), unless there are circumstances where they cannot complete the process, i.e.: illness. Any chief in the pipeline for certification will be grandfathered in and will not be held to the six-month requirement (receipt of conviction history check). 

2.   Sequence order for new applications: 1) free practice test at the Annual Conference (optional);  2) completed written application must be submitted and paid in full; 3) submission of original signed and dated Ethics Statement Form, Disclosure Regarding Background Check, and Acknowledgment and Authorization for Background Check provided by ILACP office; 4) passing of written exam; 5) oral exam; 6) certification approval date finalization. 

3.   Take the written exam within 90 days of submission of the completed application. 

4.   Oral exam to be completed 90 days after the results of the written exam are sent to the applicant. 

5.   Applicants will get three tries within a 12-month period at the written and oral exam. Applicants must wait 30 days between re-exams. After three unsuccessful attempts, applicants must start the process over (reapply and pay again). 

6.   The revised renewal process:

  • 1st renewal notice will be sent 30 days prior to expiration; all paperwork and payment due on or before expiration date
  • 2nd renewal notice will be sent on expiration date; all paperwork and payment due within 30 days
  • 3rd notice will be sent 60 days after expiration date, notifying the Chief that their certification will be cancelled 

7.   Certification will be cancelled if not renewed within 60 days after expiration. 

8.   Incomplete renewals (renewals lacking payment, updated personal history information, and/or educational/training hours, and completion of another background check and submission of another original signed and dated Ethics Statement Form, Disclosure, and Authorization provided by ILACP office will need to be completed within 30 days after expiration date before cancellation. 

9.   After cancellation, if a chief wants to renew his/her certification, they will have a six-month grace period to renew. If not renewed within six months, the entire process starts over and the chief must apply again. 

10. Written and oral exams will be scheduled in Springfield and the Chicago area. 

11. The certification plaque and congratulatory letter will be sent directly to the chief and then, if the chief wishes, a presentation will be scheduled at a city council meeting. 

Also, only certified Police Chiefs can serve on the Voluntary Police Chief Certification Committee, with the exception of Steve Stanard (one of the architects of the program since its inception.)

Contact Carmen Elliott at [email protected] or at 217-523-3765 with further questions regarding the process.