KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Annual ILACP Conference, April 27-29

Dave Funkhouser presents "How to Become a Dynamic Police Leader"

Join Dave Funkhouser, a 32-year veteran of law enforcement in Wisconsin, as he provides direction on becoming a dynamic leader by first becoming a leader of yourself; then developing that knowledge to transform yourself into an effective and powerful leader for your group or organization.

Using a blend of personal experiences, humor, and real-life examples, Dave Funkhouser will demonstrate and lead the attendees in digging deep to examining their own personal lives and feelings, with the intent of transforming their internalization process, thus developing a steppingstone to building, reinforcing, and transforming their professional organizational and individual leadership skills.

Dave Funkhouser has served in Wisconsin law enforcement for over 30 years including service as a Patrol officer, Detective, Lieutenant, and Captain for two suburban Milwaukee area police departments before being appointed Chief of Police for the City of Kiel Police Department in 2005.

During his career, Dave has received numerous awards and recognition for his service in law enforcement including awards for the WTCA alumnus of the year, a meritorious service, a life-saving award, officer of the year, and the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Leadership Award in 2016.

Dave has served on the executive board of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association including an elected term as President of that organization representing over 400 Police Chiefs in the State of Wisconsin and also as chairman of the Professional Development Committee. Dave also served a two-year term as President of the Wisconsin Police Leadership Foundation.

Dave is an accomplished public speaker and has been invited to give presentations on motivational leadership for many different groups and associations in both the public and private sector.

Dave and his wife Jill have 6 children and they reside in Kiel Wisconsin. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, camping, downhill skiing, and playing softball.