How to get started with ILACP eTraining

in partnership with ILETSB Executive Institute

Uploaded December 14, 2020

The Illinois Chiefs utilize the Online Learning Network (OLN) at the ILETSB Executive Institute to provide most of its online training. This is a partnership between the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the ILETSB Executive Institute.

  1. If you are an active sworn officer, make sure your know your PTB ID number. This is your unique number used by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) to track your training. (You do not need to know a PTB ID number if you are retired, a Life member, an Associate member, or otherwise not active sworn.)

  2. Log into your OLN account at  Use the same email that you use as your primary email on your ILACP account. If you forget your password, simply press the "Forgot Password" button.

  3. When you log in, you should see your name at the top as a "Student."

  4. You will also see these categories:

  5. You will see in the CLASSES box which classes you are eligible to take as an ILACP member. Click on any class and get started!

  6. NEED HELP with logging in or finding your class or anything else at the Online Leaning Network?
    Technical or account assistance: 1-866-250-5494 or [email protected]