ILACP Priority Legislative Bills Spring 2022 

March 21, 2022 

Top 5 Bills 

  1. HB 0451 - Oppose- Bans no-knock warrants and places other restrictions (in House Rules Committee). 

  1. HB 1727 - Oppose- Removes Qualified Immunity and Tort Immunity. Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act (2nd Reading in the House). 
  1. HB 3447 - Oppose- Controlled substance de-felonization bill (1st Reading in the Senate).   

  1. HB 4757 - Support- Bans Ghost Guns (in House Judiciary-Criminal Committee). 

ILACP Bills and Initiatives 

  1. HB 5452 - Support- Freedom from Drone Surveillance.  Allows for more law enforcement usage (Jud-Crime Committee).

  1. HB 5533 - Support- In-Service Training Consolidation; make it 40 hours every 3 years (House Executive Committee). 

  1. SB 3071 - Support- Defines and prohibits possession of a Vehicle Theft Relay Device (Senate Assignments). 

  1. SB 3072 - Support- Police not liable for injury or death of driver or passenger as result of fleeing in stolen vehicle (Senate Assignments).  

  1. SB 3820 - Support- Residential burglary” would include auto theft on private property (Senate Assignments). 

  1. SB 3821 - Support- Fleeing and Eluding in Stolen Vehicle penalty enhancements (Senate Assignments). 

  1. Trailer Bill 3 to SAFE-T Act. Bill not filed yet. Ongoing discussions to address various issues. 

  1. Body Camera Act 2015 updates (No number assigned) Update language to address and clarify various issues and concerns such as turning off and on, FOIA issues, and who has to wear camera. 

  1. Funding for all new required training, ILETSB’s new responsibilities, recruitment and retention initiatives, and for CESSA implementation. Various bills are filed to fund law enforcement.   

Other Priority Bills 

  1. HB 2848Oppose- Pension bill. Annual increases tied to CPI. 

  1. HB 4190Support- Sentencing transparency when defendants use firearms. 

  1. HB 4159Support- Police Targeting. 

  1. HB 4275Support- Creates offense of organized retail theft. 

  1. HB 4474Support- Death penalty for killing of peace officer.  

  1. HB 4585 Support- Enhance penalty for fleeing and eluding. 

  1. HB 4692Support- BIPA… add use of biometrics for security purposes. 

  1. HB 4799Oppose- Adult grow of cannabis by people over 21. 

  1. HB 4976Support- Public Duty Rule codification. Also SB 2171. 

  1. HB 5085 and HB 5199Support- Catalytic converter theft and purchase database. 

  1. HB 5523Oppose- Local cannabis licensing. Would allow for the sale and use of cannabis at temporary events, clubs and tours.  

  1. HB 5535Oppose- Local LE verification of applicants for firearms purchases. 

  1. SB 2186Oppose- Retail theft to $2K; 2nd chance probation, reduces penalties. 

  1. SB 3162Support- Permanent eavesdropping exemption. 

  1. SB 0526- Support- Exempts homicide investigations less than 80 years old from FOIA, unless the act involves a LEO. 

Other bills we are watching 

  1. HB 0029Oppose- Restricts officers on school grounds unless there is an imminent threat of danger to students.

  2. HB 2788Oppose- Citizen Safety Act- Restricts use of force and places limits on tact team activation and deployment. 

  3. HB 3194Support- Income tax credit for first responders. 

  4. HB3904 -- – Support- Taser- Removes Taser from firearm definition.  Safe-T Act cleanup.

  5. HB 4125Support- Hate Crime for assaults on police 

  6. HB 4191Support- Fund the Police Act 

  7. HB 4267Support- Higher Education Police Grant- grant for tuition payment for those who work 4 years as an officer. 

  8. HB 4671Oppose- Prohibits guilty minor from being sent to DJJ for Class 3 or 4 Control Substance Violations.  

  9. HB 5319Support- Pilot program for Peoria co-responder model.  

  10. HB 5009Support- Peace Officer Arbitration. Restricts arbitrator’s authority in some termination cases (also SB4021).