February 6, 2018
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Contact: Ed Wojcicki, Executive Director 217.414.7790-cell; or [email protected] 217.523.3765

ILACP Supports Law Enforcement and Community Engagement via Social Media

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) strongly endorses the use of community outreach strategies to build partnerships among police and the citizens they protect. One of the means by which this effort can be made is through social media platforms, which have become a primary method of communication and information sharing worldwide. The ILACP not only recommends agencies strongly consider utilizing social media, but it also participates on several platforms as well. These include:

1. A Facebook page at www.facebook.com/IllinoisChiefs;
2. A Twitter account (@ILPoliceChiefs);
3. An Instagram account at www.instragram.com/ilchiefs

On these platforms, the ILACP shares legislative positions, positive policing stories, event coverage, and other news and updates. We encourage media outlets, law enforcement agencies, and the public to like and follow our accounts and interact with us there.

“People often say that law enforcement needs to do a better job of telling our own story. That’s what we’re doing in social media,“ said ILACP Executive Director Ed Wojcicki. “We especially like to promote the great work being done by police departments in their communities. We hope the cumulative effect of our social media activity affirms what the polls say – that community members by and large are very pleased with their own police departments.”

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, founded in 1941, is a professional organization representing law enforcement leaders from over 450 agencies throughout the State. Providing recommendations on best practices in policing is a central focus of the ILACP. The ILACP recognizes the value in community outreach efforts by law enforcement agencies to enhance trust, increase engagement, and promote joint problem solving between officers and citizens.