Illinois Municipal League President Leon Rockingham, Jr.,
Mayor of North Chicago, Affirms IML Support
For Community Policing, De-Escalation Training

June 16, 2020

Contact:Brad Cole, IML Executive Director


[email protected]

Below is a verbatim reprint of a press release issued by the Illinois Municipal and made public June 16, 2020.

Springfield, ILIn the wake of protests and civil unrest throughout the country, the Illinois Municipal League (IML) has affirmed its support for principles outlined by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the Illinois NAACP State Conference. These principles seek to improve the relationships between law enforcement and residents of minority communities throughout Illinois.

The IACP and NAACP State Conference arrived at these ten principles (available via this link) in 2018 following discussions between leaders from law enforcement and communities of color over their concerns with police practices and relationships within communities. Principles include the endorsement of community policing, development of ongoing relationships between law enforcement and communities of color to help eliminate racism, increasing diversity within police stations and use of de-escalation training for officers.

“The recent and ongoing events of civil unrest have shown everyone there is a serious need to have difficult discussions about policing within our cities, villages and towns. Police department operations must be transparent and be conducted with a goal of mutual respect for everyone involved. As the elected leaders of our communities, we must take on this important responsibility and start the work necessary to not only protect our communities, but also ensure the integrity of each and every human being,” said IML President, Mayor Leon Rockingham, Jr. of North Chicago.

By affirming its support of these principles, IML is offering the template to local governments across Illinois as they discuss police reform to ensure that everyone is treated with integrity and respect, regardless of their race.

“The Illinois Municipal League affirms its commitment and expectation for law enforcement to conduct themselves with respect towards the residents they serve, so that all citizens can start to rebuild trust with those who are sworn to protect them. Now is the time to have discussions at the local level about how each community can analyze and reform policing strategies to protect life, while ensuring that everyone who comes to our communities, regardless of race or ethnicity, can interact with law enforcement freely and without fear. We welcome the partnership of all community leaders, but know that for reform to be most impactful it must begin in our city halls and on our local streets,” said Rockingham.

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IML is the statewide organization representing local communities throughout Illinois. Founded in 1913, IML has worked continuously for the benefit of all 1,298 municipalities in Illinois to provide a formal voice on matters involving common interests.