Ring offers Illinois agencies video access to Neighbors; find out who’s using it and how you can benefit from it 

May 2020

When your mission is to create safer and more connected communities, challenging times require creative solutions.  In our efforts to support safer neighborhoods, Ring provides public safety agencies an additional means to connect, engage and inform residents of important developments in their community on the Neighbors App.  Neighbors is available to local public safety agencies across the country. 

A list of current active agencies on Neighbors can be viewed here.

The Neighbors App is free and allows public safety users to:

  • View and comment on publicly posted videos, photos and text-based posts related to crime and safety that have been shared by local users in your community.
  • Join the conversation as an identified  agency and issue alerts, notifications and announcements into hyper-local areas of the community.
  • Request assistance from the community when investigating an active incident in their area.

Knowing your time is valuable, Ring has created an express 30-minute web demonstration on how Neighbors can enhance your community outreach and engagement efforts to make neighborhoods safer.

To schedule a webinar (or if you are an existing user and want to learn more about our updated features), email [email protected] to connect with a team member. 

The Illinois Chiefs are grateful to Ring for making this available, because Ring was supposed to be a major sponsor of our 2020 Annual Conference and is offering this alternative way of interacting with our members.