The Ten Shared Principles 

Building trust one conversation at a time, since 2015. 

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 The Ten Shared Principles represent a historic partnership, the first of its kind anywhere in the country. 

 In the wake of the civil unrest following the killing of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, during a time when many people were divided, the NAACP and ILACP came together. Leaders from communities of color and law enforcement worked to find solutions to heal our Illinois  communities and create a better future for everyone. The result of this partnership was the Ten Shared Principles

 Read the full text of the principles here.

 Timeline of growth 

The Ten Shared Principles represent the long-term dedication of both organizations to build trust in communities across the state. Below are some highlights showing how the initiative continues to expand as more local leaders, police departments, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and even international businesses pledge to adopt the Ten Shared Principles. 

   2015, A partnership is forged between the NAACP and ILACP. Leaders from each organization begin working on solutions to rebuild trust in Illinois communities. 

 February 2018, Command Magazine devotes a full issue to the Ten Shared Principles.  

 March 22, 2018, Leaders from ILACP and NAACP gather in Springfield's Old State Capitol Springfield to sign their Affirmation of Shared Principles after three years collaborating on the principles together. Many police agencies around the state host ceremonies to adopt principles the same day. 

  2018, Following the public signing, the Ten Shared Principles gains national attention. Read news coverage here. 

 March 1, 2019, Illinois Chiefs meet with students at the University of Illinois Springfield to discuss the Shared Principles and invite students to share their feelings about law enforcement. Watch the video here

 June 27, 2019, The first World Café Summit brings together more than 150 people from all parts of Illinois collaborate on effective ways to  implement the Ten Shared Principles. Watch the video here

 June 16, 2020Illinois Municipal League publicly supports Ten Shared Principles

 September 3, 2020AT&T Illinois becomes first corporation to adopt Ten Shared Principles

  November 12, 2020, Illinois City/County Management Association (ILCMA) Board endorses Ten Shared Principles

 April 2022, The Ten Shared Principles is trademarked, further solidifying it as a permanent initiative. 


Meet our changemakers 

What started as a meeting of leaders has now become a movement across the state to rebuild trust in our communities. The success of these principles lies in the passion and dedication of the people are making a difference in our communities one conversation at a time. Below are some of the leaders (along with supporting team members) who have worked tirelessly to create and promote the Ten Shared Principles. 

  • Teresa Haley, NAACP State President, Illinois 

  • Bob Moore, Chair of the Springfield Branch of the NAACP Criminal Justice Committee

  • George Mitchell, NAACP Illinois Conference of Branches President (Retired)

  • Ed Wojcicki, ILACP Executive Director 

  • Each president of ILACP has continued and grown this initiative. 

Scenes from the growth of Ten Shared Principles