Trailer bill does not pass, despite our efforts

October 29, 2021

Statement from Ed Wojcicki, Executive Director
[email protected] 

The Illinois House did not call the trailer bill for a vote before adjourning early this morning. We helped to negotiate HB 3512 (Senate Amendment 1) -- what we called Trailer Bill 2 -- as an amendment to the SAFE-T Act. The Senate passed it by a 40-17 vote yesterday afternoon. The House met until early this morning (Friday, October 29), but sometime after midnight did not call our bill. There evidently were not enough votes. We were officially neutral, but Democrats and Republicans knew that we wanted it to pass. The Sheriffs, State Police, and FOP were all neutral as well.

The result is that we will not have a Trailer Bill 2 before January 1, because the veto session ended yesterday.

We would have been much better off had it passed, because now the effective dates for the new training, new decertification requirements, and mental health screenings remain January 1, 2022.

Executive Director Ed Wojcicki wants all of our members to know that ILACP President Mitchell R. Davis III and Legislative Committee Chair Marc Maton worked tirelessly in recent weeks, especially in the past two weeks, negotiating with the bill’s sponsors on Zooms and in private conversations.

We are already beginning to discuss our next steps on the legislative front.

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